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E.g., 12/11/2023
E.g., 12/11/2023


2 SqCWD Update Dec. 2014
Download (32.13 KB)
2a-2 Handout: SqCWD Update Memo October
Download (14.7 KB)
3a Flow Agenda (12.17 & 12.19)
Download (71.9 KB)
2b Handout: CLV Santa Barbara Water System
Download (106.48 KB)
5a WSAC Econometric Demand Forecast
Download (484 KB)
4a Summary Descriptions of Alternatives
Download (86.94 KB)
7a Committee Weights
Download (2.05 MB)
9a Simplified Scenarios
Download (80.23 KB)
5a Alternatives From Convention
Download (63.53 KB)
4c Summary of Ratings
Download (78.05 KB)