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E.g., 06/20/2024
E.g., 06/20/2024

Water Supply Alternative Descriptions from Convention

SLR Alluvial Plain Wells
Download (102.19 KB)
Low GHG Desal/Water Reuse Process
Download (159.51 KB)
Aqueous Freshwater Recovery System
Download (59.46 KB)
Aquifer Restoration Via Inter-District Transfers
Download (113.24 KB)
Atmospheric Water Generators
Download (148.02 KB)
Beyond Curtailment
Download (125.86 KB)
Building Code Revisions and Onsite Water
Download (133.53 KB)
Clean Off-Stream Reservoirs
Download (82.15 KB)
Graywater For Reuse
Download (169.34 KB)
Composting Toilets for Public Venues
Download (164.69 KB)