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E.g., 06/20/2024
E.g., 06/20/2024

Water planning

Alternative Water Supply Study, November 2000
Download (18.46 MB)
Evaluation of Regional Water Supply Alternatives, March 2002
Download (15.1 MB)
History of Water Supply Planning Studies
Download (485.38 KB)
Water Supply Alternatives Study, January 1994
Download (7.03 MB)


Santa Cruz Water Supply Strategies and Ideas as submitted by July 28th
Download (10.31 MB)
Timeline for submission of expanded stategies for the Strategies, Ideas, and Alternatives Convention 2014
Download (61.4 KB)


Overview of SIC Submissions 3.06.15
Download (142.44 KB)

June 2014 meeting

Meeting Packet - June 2014 WSAC meeting
Download (15.22 MB)

July 2014 meeting

Meeting Packet - July 2014 WSAC Meeting
Download (4.62 MB)

Aug 2014 meeting

Doc N - Concept Paper: WSAC & Participant Experience at the Santa Cruz Water Supply Conv.
Download (135.01 KB)